Re: gmail account


I have two Google accounts.  I almost never use one of them.  when I am taken to the login ;page.  There is a link with my name and there is a use another account link.  I don't remember the information I gave when creating my account that it identifies me using my first name.  But the account I signed out of last is the one that shows up as a link I can follow to get to the sign in page for that account. 

At this point, I don't know what you see.  Please make sure you are at the top of the page and see if you see something similar to what I describe.


On 5/16/2022 5:33 AM, Jerry hathaway wrote:
I am using the lates jaws and I am trying to get gmail account to log into my gmail account e-mail messages. When I try to type in microsoft edge browser it takes me to the Google page and ask if I want to log in with my regular e-mail address. The only thing it brings up on the Google page is to create a gmail account. I only use gmail e-mail as a secondary account. I really need help in solving this issue.

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