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Quentin Christensen

Mostly just chiming in to reiterate that control+home and control+end should generally work.  The main time I can think where they might not, is if the focus is on a form, eg on an edit box, and NVDA is in focus mode - then those commands will move to the start and end of that field (as is normally desirable in an edit field).

You mentioned your friend had been a trainer, is that with NVDA or with other screen readers?  While I think this particular situation works very similar in other screen readers, I was just going to mention that if he is familiar with Jaws, we do have a switching from Jaws to NVDA guide: and also a switching from Window-eyes to NVDA guide:

We also have training material for NVDA which will teach you from scratch, which is the "Basic Training for NVDA" module.  Despite the name, it actually goes from initially starting NVDA and using common commands, up to more advanced concepts like object navigation and the review cursor and using configuration profiles.  You can find that module, and our modules on the various Microsoft Office programs here:

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To go to the top or bottom of a web page, is the same as any page.
Control plus home for top of page and
Control plus end for bottom of page.

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Hi all,

A friend has asked me to find out what the command is for going to the top and bottom of a web page using NVDA. He said he's looked through all of the documentation and can't find it.



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