Re: NVDA question for a friend


Then there is something wrong with his system or his NVDA installation.  Did he run the com registration tool?  Are there other problems? 


On 5/16/2022 6:50 PM, Troy Burnham wrote:


He says he's tried that and it doesn't work, and btw he's been a computer trainer for the blind in the past and may still be one so when he says it doesn't work I believe him.


On 5/16/2022 4:42 PM, Gene wrote:
The same as with any browser that uses either the virtual pc cursor or browse mode or anything else a designer may want to call it.  Control home to move to the top of the page, control end to move to the bottom.

Those are the same commands you use in any word processor to move to the top or bottom of the document. 

You are working with a virtual cursor, the cursor isn't really there but it behaves as though you were moving a cursor in a document and the same movement commands apply.


On 5/16/2022 4:00 PM, Troy Burnham wrote:
Hi all,

A friend has asked me to find out what the command is for going to the top and bottom of a web page using NVDA. He said he's looked through all of the documentation and can't find it.



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