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Howard Traxler

Thank you Marilyn, On my working (upstairs) computer, my time command works whether the numlock is on or off.  What does NVDA plus 0 do?  I assume you mean 0 on the numbers row?  It does nothing here; and in the keyboard help it doesn't say it should do anything.


On 5/19/2022 11:55 AM, Marilyn and Don Bilderback wrote:
Hi Howard.
Every time I get my computer back from Data Doctors, the Insert and F 12 keys don't work. I have to check the num pad to see if it is set to number lock off. And also check another setting by pressing insert zero. Not their fault because of my using key strokes to work my computer and after all, they are just checking everything to ensure all is OK. But, it made me learn to check these things to make them work again. I was forced to memorize and recall what to do.

Maybe one of these key strokes will help you get the time back. I rely on that for a clock myself.

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My downstairs computer is an Asus M32CB desktop running Windows 10 and NVDA After doing a windows reset, one of the problems is, it does not close programs with alt F4. It seems to just minimize them. I found this by using alt tab to rotate through running programs; and whatever I was using is still running. Only way I can actually close a program is to use the system menu (alt spacebar) then choose close. Anyone know how to get it back to where alt F4 closes stuff?

Also, NVDA key plus F12 is now silent. I used to like that command to get the time quickly.

Thanks anybody for your suggestions.


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