Re: Windows 10 Pro download

Thomas N. Chan

You just need to search windows 10 iso on google, the first few links will be the place from microsoft to get it.
Windows 10 ISO images are rather universal in terms of, home, workstation and pro, the same image. Itsthe key which unlock  the function.

Thomas N. Chan

On Fri, 20 May 2022 at 09:09, Vicki W <vwherry4@...> wrote:
I need to find a Windows 10 pro download file without purchasing it. I have a computer that crashed and needs a new install. I don't have the latest Windows 10 Pro, but I don't need to purchase it because I already have the key from my original purchase last year. The computer came with Windows 10 Pro installed and the key came with it.
I've tried Microsoft but it wants me to purchase it. Since I already did that and only need the file, does anyone know a reliable way to download it?

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