Dropbox Sync Issues

Joe Orozco

Have any of you experienced a glitch where Dropbox won't show you a
complete list of folders and files with third party apps? I have this
frustrating situation where connecting to Dropbox with audio and word
processing apps on iOS will only show me some of my content. I'm
experiencing the same problem when trying to pull up Dropbox content
on the BrailleSense 6. The apps I'm using have full access to my
Dropbox. I'm not using different accounts. I have tried clearing the
cache and have uninstalled and reinstalled the desktop Dropbox app on
my PC. Yet, the problem persists. Posting to the Dropbox community
yielded nothing useful, and I'm not confident Dropbox will respond to
the support email I submitted. I'm hoping someone here will have some
ideas on what to do to fix this persistent sync issue. Forgive me in
advance if you see a version of this post on different lists.

Thank you kindly in advance,


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