need some help with brave

heather albright

Hi, is there  awritten  tutorial on brave? I cant seem to get the shields to go away or set my home page like before. I am using the latest version off the brave site. So brave will not allow me to open facebook. I have to use edge if I want to do anything with facebook. I wanted as my home page when I open brave. I am not sure what the issue is as I did all this before with no issues. I set my appearance as light. I unchecked the boxes to block google and facebook.  I am not sure if my settings are being saved as there is no okay or apply when I finish my selections. I close out the page and reopened it back up and it keeps taking me back to the original brave home page like I never made selections. Oh, I also told brave not to sign me in or keep passwords, but, it is still keeping my amazon password and I think it kept my google password too. So I must be doing something wrong. I used edge to google about how to use brave. The sighted  people clicked on things and scrolled to make their selections. So I did not get anything from their lessons on how to set brave up as I myself cant just click a mouse to make a selection! I gathered a sight person could see where they were clicking on the screen. One video there showing the shields going up and down but they did not really tell you how to get in to the shields menu to do this. They just kept clicking on things.  I could have sworn brave was easier to set up before. I did run across some facebook post that brave accessibility was broken on IOS but, I am using windows 10 with NVDA Version: 2022.1 and JAWS 2022. JAWS 2022


Thanks for any help. Heather

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