ISO talking bathroom or shipping scale that reads weight in real time


Hello list,

As the subject line states, I’m in search of a bathroom or shipping talking scale that can announce weight in real time and not just once and is also pretty responsive. I’m not sure if one even exists, but I figured I’d ask in case anyone’s currently using a particular model that fits this description.

To be clear, I already have a talking bathroom scale that works perfectly fine for its intended purpose. Hop on the scale, wait a few seconds and have weight spoken.

I want to be able to measure the generated bars on an espresso lever machine and since there aren’t any accessible pressure gages that can measure gages or at least none that I’m aware of (I’d be happy to be enlighten), another workaround is to prop the espresso machine on a scale and pull a shot to 40 lbs which would be 7 or 8 bars.

We’re limited to only a few talking kitchen scales that are finicky to begin with and at most go up to 11 or so lbs anyway, thus my inquiry about a talking bathroom or shipping scale. Again though. One that doesn’t just announce one’s weight one time after a few moments, but one that speaks weight as it goes up and down like a talking kitchen scale would if possible.

I’d imagine a smart/bluetooth scale may have this option, but I’d prefer to have a standalone solution if possible as I’d already have my iPhone connected to a bluetooth connected kitchen scale to measure out the actual shot as I pull it. You can have only so many things connected and speaking in your ear at one time…


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