Re: still have brave issues

heather albright

I am using NVDA, how do I take a screen shot so you can see what I see? Thanks Heather


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From: Gene
Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2022 4:24 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] still have brave issues


I just went to the NFB site and as far as I know, I am using the default settings for Brave shields. 


On 6/15/2022 4:18 PM, Gene via wrote:

Also, you said it says you checked them.  Do you mean unchecked? 

I can't answer questions about rewards. I'm not sure if I was working with them correctly but either they are inaccessible or I wasn't working with them correctly.  


On 6/15/2022 3:53 PM, heather albright wrote:

Now, brave will not let me go to the nfb site. I tried to turn off the shields and it says I checked them but, it will not allow me to go to any sites. Now it keeps nagging me about stupid brave rewards and I cant figure out how to get rid of this either. I even tried to start over and it does the same thing all over again. Why is brave being such a pain? Heather


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