Re: still have brave issues


Screen shots are visual.  You can try copying and pasting what is on gthe screen if browse mode is on or if not, you can use an add-on or use object navigation.  And I'm not sure if I would see what you see in a useful way if you did that.  I don't think I would know what radio buttons or check boxes are checked.  I would see them but I wouldn't know what is set how.

I don't know of any setting that will block all sites.  You can change the settings for how much protection you get from shields but as far as I know, no shield setting should block all sites.  What message do you get when you try to open a site? 

Also, Firefox is good at protecting you, I don't think it is as good as Brave, but my impression is that it's pretty good.  Unless or until you get things straightened out with Brave, Firefox would be good to use.


On 6/15/2022 4:52 PM, heather albright wrote:

I am using NVDA, how do I take a screen shot so you can see what I see? Thanks Heather


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From: Gene
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I just went to the NFB site and as far as I know, I am using the default settings for Brave shields. 


On 6/15/2022 4:18 PM, Gene via wrote:

Also, you said it says you checked them.  Do you mean unchecked? 

I can't answer questions about rewards. I'm not sure if I was working with them correctly but either they are inaccessible or I wasn't working with them correctly.  


On 6/15/2022 3:53 PM, heather albright wrote:

Now, brave will not let me go to the nfb site. I tried to turn off the shields and it says I checked them but, it will not allow me to go to any sites. Now it keeps nagging me about stupid brave rewards and I cant figure out how to get rid of this either. I even tried to start over and it does the same thing all over again. Why is brave being such a pain? Heather


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