Re: win10 sleeping


Try the following if you havent worked with these settings:
Open the start menu and type power
  Press enter.
Tab until you get to additional power settings.  You may hear related settings spoken before additional power settings. 
Press enter.
Tab to choose when to turn off the display.
Press enter.
Tab to turn off the display on battery.  Set it to never.
Tab once to when plugged in and set it to never.
I don't know if this applies but if you continue to tab, you will see settings for put the computer to sleep.  You will tab to a setting for battery and a setting for when plugged in.  Set both for never, if you wish.


On 6/21/2022 10:54 AM, Howard Traxler wrote:
I've been through all those  power settings and have all the sleep stuff set to never.  but it still wants to sleep. Just like me, I guess.

On 6/21/2022 10:38 AM, Mark Withersea wrote:
Have you tried the screen saver settings?

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