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Thomas N. Chan

On the message itself, for you to change the account you are sending from, hit alt - m. that will trigger the from button on the message pane. your window must be maximized  or a certain size to see that from button.

when you are done with the message, hit alt - s, that will trigger the send action. n that button as what i mentioned earlier

to trigger the send action or you have multiple unsend messages in your outbox, in the main outlook window,  hit the follow key.
alt - j a

to trigger send and receive in outlook, both send and receive  action, do  hit ctrl - m

to see the send and receive  progress, hit alt - j p

On Wed, 22 Jun 2022 at 05:39, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
there may be another solution I just thought of but I'm not sure how you do this in Outlook.  Others will, I hope discuss it.

Open an unsent message and change the account it is sent from.  In e-mail programs I've used, this is done by shift tabbing until you get to the from line.  From there, you up or down arrow, whichever works, to change the account the message is to be sent from. 

I am assuming that the messages in the outbox can be opened and worked with as though they were drafts and the way to change things in messages are the same as though you were working with an opened message you had begun or replied to in the usual way.


On 6/21/2022 4:35 PM, Gene wrote:
You can't send them anyway as they are.  You can do the following:
/copy the message body of a message in the outbox to the clipboard.  Then, using your other account, create a message to whomever it is intended, paste the message body in, and send it from the other account. 

If there are problems doing that, let us know and people will likely discuss how to get around them. 


On 6/21/2022 4:20 PM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:
I have your instructions saved, but right now, no one who knows what to do. 

If I deleted the emails, I'd lose them. 

I have tried moving them from Outboox to another mailbox, then going in and sending again; that does not usually work. 

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To stop the problem, find the outbox and delete all messages in it.  Then send mail only from your other address.  Don't even bother entering your password.  Just close the dialog with escape and use your other e-mail provider until you resolve the problem.  

Do you know someone who can follow instructions such as I wrote?  Even if the person doesn't understand why these things are done, if someone knows how to work with web sites in terms of working with forms, they can do what is needed.

Or, you can use the Windows Mail app for now.  You don't need an application specific password for it.

GeneOn 6/21/2022 2:23 PM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:

	It does have the Send later, when I exit. The work around I am finding is Windows M to get out of Outlook without closing it, then Alt+Tab back in. 
	All of this is connected with the Gmail that keeps wanting my password, which I give, but it does not take, so it now is imposing on myh Windstream boxes. 
	I did call a computer man last week, but they were moving into their new store, plus they mainly do commercial. I am trying to cripple until I move around the first of August, when I will have to get some help. 
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	If messages  are stuck in the outbox in e-mail programs I've used, the program asks if you want to send them at some point, or if you issue a general send/receive command, it will send them if it can.  
	Thunderbird asks if you want to send unsent messages when you open the program.  Outlook likely does something like that but whether it does or not, it very likely would send them when you issue a send/receive command.
	Does Outlook have a send later command that you might accidentally be executing when you mean to execute a send command?  Thunderbird has a send later command, control shift enter.  the send immediately command is control enter.  At some point, those using the keyboard are likely to accidentally issue control shift enter instead of enter.  
	Not using Outlook, I'm asking questions and raising possibilities that may be useful.
			On Jun 20, 2022, at 6:33 PM, Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...> <mailto:4carolyna@...>  <mailto:4carolyna@...> <mailto:4carolyna@...>   wrote:
			I have messages stuck in my Outbox. What do I do to get them unstuck. I hope this one will go. 

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