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MamaPeach <mamapeach67@...>

I had no problems getting it set up on Apple TV 3rd gen, but it isn't the same for the 4th gen. The Audio Description isn't there.

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This podcast will help you turn on the audio description feature in
Netflix using the Apple TV. It's a quick podcast from appleviz at:

or just play the podcast using this link:


On 12/21/15, MamaPeach <mamapeach67@...> wrote:
I did everything it said to do and I can't get it to work on my Apple TV.
Didn't I read that you had to call NetFlix to get them to initiate the audio

description for you on the Apple TV? Someone had given a ticket number to
give to the person from NetFlix so they would know what was being asked of
them. Does anyone still have that ticket number they could share?

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Here's a link on how to enable audio description on Netflix across all
of your devices. The good news is, once it's enabled, it stays enabled
across devices. It's just getting the darn thing on in the first
place that causes all of the frustration.

Here goes:


On 12/20/15, Quentin Christensen <quentin.christensen@...> wrote:
Thanks Mike!

I did get it working this morning on Windows, by starting something with
AD (like Orange is the new Black) but strangely on the same shows on the
TV, there is no AD option, even though there are other language options,
closed captions and it's also the Panasonic TV which has spoken menus
and audio description features.

Someone else said we had to ring Netflix but when we did yesterday, they
said they didn't need to do anything, we just had to make sure we picked
something with AD and enabled it in the language setting for that
particular program. Haven't seen anything in the general options, but
will look again since it varies from device to device.



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On 21/12/2015 1:14 AM, Mike Thomas wrote:
Hi Quentin, This is my experience, but it only applies to the new
Apple TV. I had to call Netflix and they had to add something to my
account. Then look up described video on Netflix with a google search.
There you will find about a hundred titles that have the description
added. They seem pretty sparce for all the programming available, but
it beats a zero.

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Hi everyone,

We've recently got Netflix and can't seem to get audio description
for anything.

We rang and they said we could turn it on for individual programme
in the audio settings for that orphan but it doesn't come to, even
for movies we know have audio description.

Is there a trick to it or does it not work in the standard plan
perhaps? Do we need to upgrade to the HD plan? Happy to do that of
that's what it takes but can't seem to find out anywhere?

Kind regards


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