Re: Installing thunderbird question


I hope it keeps working.

On 7/31/2022 12:18 PM, Howard Traxler wrote:

Very sorry.  I just wasn't thinking.  And I know better. 

I will look at your instructions and try to execute them.  However, I did copy your modified folder in again; and it seems to work a bit better.  It did send and received quite a few more.  And now I'm getting sounds of new mail.  We'll see.

Sorry about my screw-up


On 7/31/2022 12:09 PM, Gene wrote:
First, a general comment.  When you are discussing something on a list, don't change the subject line as long as it is reasonably continuing the original topic.  All this time, we have been discussing problems with Thunderbird.  The subject line should have remained the same.  Every time you change it, you create a new topic in the list archives.  It makes it much more difficult for someone who wants to read the thread later in the archives to do so.  It also causes anyone grouping messages by conversation to see every new subject line as a new conversation.

Regarding the profile folder, try the following:
Major new steps start on new lines.
I looked up the location of the profile folder in an Internet search.
I didn't get a direct answer but this will allow you to open it, then move to the folder, and then copy and move it.

On your old computer, do the following:
Open Thunderbird.
Open help, alt h.
Down arrow to trouble shooting information and press enter.
Tab until you get to a button that says open folder and press the space bar.
You should now be in the profile folder.
Back space once and read the current line.
You should now be at the folder and not in it. 
Copy it to the clipboard.
Close the folder's list.  Use alt f4.
Now, Close Thunderbird.  Use control f4, not alt f4.  Use the command repeatedly until the program is closed. 
Using an external hard drive, thumb drive or other external media, paste the profile folder there.
On the new computer, with Thunderbird closed, move to the profile folder.
It is in a different location in the portable program than in the installed program. 
Using  File Explorer or computer, open the program folder you placed on the machine.
Down arrow to the folder called data and press enter.
One of the folders in the data folder is called profile.  Delete it.
Now paste the data folder on the removable media into the program where you are.

Copying and pasting the profile folder may take a long time, I'm not sure how long.

Now, see if the account works.  As I believe I said, you will have the address book.  You will also have any messages you have saved locally.  If you are using a POP3 account, I think all the messages from that account on the old computer will be there as well.


On 7/31/2022 11:38 AM, Gene wrote:
I don't know what is causing the problem.  Do you mean it times out after you removed the first copy and had the second copy create the account again?


On 7/31/2022 11:35 AM, Howard Traxler wrote:
Well Gene, Now it sends mail very well, I think.  But:
When I first set it up, I got about 20 or so new mails; and now it times out after about a half a minute.  No error messages, just a time out; and no new ones.

What do you think?


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