Re: A warning in the Pontes Media download log


I'm not sure I understand what is occurring according to the discussion but it appears that at times, Pontes, using the download program it uses, may download a format without audio.  Perhaps in that instance, manually selecting another format, if that can be done, might solve the problem.  If I have such a problem, I'll look to see if I have other formats to choose from to download the original file.


On 8/2/2022 8:36 AM, Ron Canazzi wrote:

Hi Gene,

Here is a link that discusses the issue.  I can't say as I understand it, but it may have something to do with the idea that if you choose to convert to an audio only format and there is low or no audio, you get this error. They seem to be saying something about downloading in  the original format--either WEBM or MP4 that will give you the completed download, but that's just a guess on my part. This stuff is high level computer coding.

On 8/2/2022 2:32 AM, Gene wrote:
Here is a warning that sometimes appears in the Pontes Media Download log.  What does it mean and does it matter if you are just extracting audio?
Thanks for any information.

WARNING: "-f best" selects the best pre-merged format which is often not the best option.
To let yt-dlp download and merge the best available formats, simply do not pass any format selection.
If you know what you are doing and want only the best pre-merged format, use "-f b" instead to suppress this warning


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