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HI Victor,


I used the US bank mobile app for several years because their online banking web site didn’t work with my screen reader at all.  I have received several messages from US bank saying the Mobile bank site has changed as of May 2022.  Matter of fact, I still tried to use the mobile site, but was redirected to the new accessible web site.  The new web site for me has been nothing but trouble.  I don’t understand it at all.  Having said this, I have to admit when these web sites try to make their sites accessible, it scares me!  Smile!  US bank has sent me two emails asking to take a survey of their new accessible site, so I will try and fill it out before I go to bed tonight.  I do all my banking online, and as of yet, that web site is completely different.  I did call them about this before, but they transferred my call, and no one picked up the phone.  The only way I have been able to do any banking online, is through my phone, and that isn’t all the best either.  Something definitely needs to be done about this.  If I don’t hear back from them by filling out this survey, I will need to call them again. 





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Hi Marie:


I seldom  use the U.S. Bank website as I usually use their mobile app which is very accessible.  The rare occasion when on their  site, I've had little trouble with it.


As for their customer service, I called them twice recently when I accidentally locked myself out of my account.  The representatives I spoke with were patient, kind and  personable.  One woman waited patiently while I did some things on my iPhone while talking to her.  I explained that I am blind and I needed to log back into the app while talking to her at the same time.   Anyway, I am grateful that I had a good experience.  They must train them well.


Just my thoughts,



On Aug 2, 2022, at 5:38 PM, Marie Nelson <scribbles5@...> wrote:

I have seen that others have had difficulties with US Bank since they updated their web site.

I have also had problems and I contacted customer service and less than a week later, I received a call from them. I was asked to explain further the issues and assure they would take action. The next day I received a second call to  tell me that their tech department has been alerted and given some specific issues and they have promised to do their best to correct them as soon as possible.

I know this may or may not happen but feel it is encouraging and that they are paying attention and not just ignoring it. I will keep checking the site and see if any changes are done and let the list know..



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