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Cat 6 is good. Cat8 is best, and may be useful for you if you think you might benefit from extra interference shielding that cat8 cables have. Even cat5e is good. Some cat5 can only do 100megabits which is most likely slower than your equipment can go, which would be 1gigabit at minimum. Cat5e can do gigabit I'm sure. However, cat6 and above should handle at least gigabit no problem. Even though it will be a long time before I have internet equipment that can use cat8, I bought cat8 cables to ensure the absolute cleanest connection and help keep out any noise from slowing it down just being too close to some other device or something.

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On 8/1/2022 11:01 AM, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Group,

Now that I have solved my audio issue with my new computer (UIE) User Interface error, I have noticed that my Ethernet cables are very old and worn.  I want to be sure I order the correct cables from Amazon.  I believe this is the right one below.  I only want a 6 foot length with just standard type interface to connect my router to my Ethernet card within my computer.  Is this what I want?

Cat6 Ethernet Cable, 6 ft (2 Pack) LAN, utp (1.8 Meters) Cat 6, RJ45, Network, Patch, Internet Cable - (6 feet)

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