Re: thunderbird with narrator


Narrator isn't nearly as capable as other screen-readers.  What it will turn into over time, we'll see but for now, NVDA is the best free option.  It will meet a lot of people's needs.

I just tested Narrator in Windows 10 with Thunderbird.  It doesn't read opened messages.  Narrator doesn't work with the Brave browser, nor with Firefox.
You will find programs it works with but there are many it doesn't.

On 8/13/2022 11:04 AM, Joe Giovanelli wrote:


I have experimented with Narrator to see if it is worth using.

I ran into trouble when reading messages with Thunderbird.

I see a message I want to read. Narrator says it's loaded. I press

Enter. The message does not read as it does with other screen readers.

Any thoughts.

I thank you for your ideas.

Joe Giovanelli, W2PVY

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