Re: Has Anyone Tried The New NFL Plus App?

Michael Mote

I have, and it sucks. The streams do not play consistently. Once I was
able to get into a game, I could not find a way to get out of it and
move to another game. Very sad that the league who is the most
popular, and has more money than God can't put together a better app
than they do. In my humble opinion, the NFL and NBA apps are the worst
sports apps out there as far as accessibility goes. MLB isn't a lot
better, but you can still find the streams for audio broadcasts.

On 8/13/22, Ron Canazzi <aa2vm@...> wrote:
Hi Group,

I know since the 2020 season that the old NFL Game Pass app was largely
inaccessible. I know before 2020, I found it quite accessible once e you
adjusted for the teams being represented by their abbreviations such as
ATL = Atlanta Falcons, WSH = Washington Commanders and so on. I used to
change these abbreviations in my screen reader dictionary to full names
thus making navigation of the game listings much easier.  However in
2020, Game Pass became largely inaccessible

This year NFL is offering a revised version of NFL Game pass called NFL
plus. It is also at a somewhat reduced yearly price from $99.99 for Game
Pass to $79.99 for NFL Plus.

The big question is 'is this app any more accessible than the Game Pass

Has anyone tried this app this year and if so, is it accessible at all?

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