Re: lowest bit rate for audio books?


If you are using a bit rate of 32kbps, you will get better results using 2250.  If you are using 64. you should probably leave the sample rate at the default which is something like 44100.  I don't recall the exact default number.  I'm not sure which sample rate might give better results if you use a bit rate of 48kbps.  And as I said, I'm recommending settings based on how I hear compressed audio.  You may want to check both the 2250 and the default 44100 bit rate at 32kbps and 48kbps.  you may want to compare at 64kbps as well but I think at that bit rate, you should the 44100 bit rate.

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Hi all,

Well, this question is questionable but if it's plain mono audio 22050
should be sufficient.

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