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Carolyn Arnold

The scammers really do. They fooled my usually very savvy
cousin to the point, that she had to replace her computer.

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That is funny. Fine if someone has the time to do all that
stuff. I know there are people who post youtube videos of
themselves interacting with those scammers. I know someone
whose parents fell for that one where the person claims to
be a microsoft technician and says their computer has a
virus or something and the person's parents had agreed to
send money to these people. I don't understand how these
people were told that microsoft supposedly would even know
if their computer had a virus. The whole thing doesn't make
sense to me and I said that to the person. He said the
scammers know how to manipulate people. it's very sad.


On 9/10/2022 11:33 AM, Sharon S wrote:

Hi, the best one I have heard was the guy pretending
to be a cop at a murder scene and asking the caller all
sorts of questions about how he knows the person and other
things like that. I love listening to those sorts of things
to see how far you can push them.

My uncle used to have his computer set up so there
was a partition where he could give someone access to his
computer, but they couldn't do anything to damage it. He
used to have fun with the callers who say there is something
wrong with the computer. He would pretend he knew nothing
about things on his computer and could drag it out quite a
bit. He figured the longer he had them on the line the less
time they have to scam other people. My uncle was really
good on computers and did some programming work in the past,
so he knew exactly what was happening.

From Shaz.

Canberra, Australia.

I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute.

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Yeah you can really have fun with them. A friend
sent me some videos of this guy impersonating a naive
elderly person and it was pretty funny how he totally
confuse them and first played along with them and then
revealed that he knew exactly what they were doing. I know
ppeople can be pretty creative with them.


On 9/7/2022 3:57 PM, chris judge wrote:

Sometimes, if I'm not busy I'll answer them
just to have a bit of fun. Ones imagination knows no limits.

Chris Judge


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They have been doing that in my area for
quite awhile. They think people will be more likely to
answer a number if it's a local one like with the same area
code. I never answer an unrecognized number. I do check
voicemail when I get a call so if they leave a message and I
get it and decide to call back but I won't answer the
initial call because that lets the scammer know the number
is legitimate and working and they won't delete it from
their list and will keep calling. I've got this one that
has an unintelligible item on the caller id and they may do
it for many months or even years but they never leave a
message. If it was important enough the person would leave
one. It's a shame we have to do that but it's like email.
Unless I recognize the address or at least when I check I
find out it's legitimate (like by going to the company's
actual website) I don't open email and I never open
attachments unless it's something I'm expecting. I also
never open links unless I know the address or link is
legitimate because I know someone who got malware by
clicking on a link in an email that he thought was from
someone we knew but it put malware on his computer and he
had to do a whole new install of windows and jaws and all
his software. He had a lot of stuff and it took him a
couple of days. I don't know enough about the mechanics of
everything to do what procedures he used but it was very
involved and this was someone who is a programmer and knows
what he's doing but he has a medical condition that
supposedly this person sent him an article on and he let his
guard down and didn't check out the email address or web
link because he recognized the person's name. It really
makes me angry seeing how they do it and it's not just
senior citizens though there's a lot of publicity about how
they are targeted but it happens a lot with younger people

MardaI know people who have gotten malware
because they

On 9/6/2022 6:09 PM, Monte Single wrote:

In the last month or so, I have
noticed a new approach by phone scammers.

My phone announces the number of an
incoming call, I guess that's called call display, ha ha.

These number are local numbers, so I
think they are coming from someone in my home area. But
they are scams.

Beware amigos!

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