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James Bentley

Gerald, sometimes, You are as encouraging as Hell.  But, I do suspect that most of your comments were correct


However, I just looked up around half a dozen individuals here in Nacogdoches.


I found out a lot of information on each.  Even, what size of underwear that they wear.  No No.  Just kidding on that last remark.


But, most important for me, I now have a method for finding a lot of local numbers that I once could not find.  I’m still wondering why I did not think to even try a search engine like Google before now.




James B 


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Forget about directory assistance.  Because phone service is so fragmented these days with dozens of land line and cell phone carriers, there is no central repository of phone numbers like there was back in the good old days when big bad Ma Bell and its regional operating companies controlled all phone service in the US,  Directory assistance has become carrier specific.  So if you are a Spectrum customer, for instance,and you call 411 directory assistance, they will only have phone numbers for other Spectrum customers listed in their database.  So if the party whose number you want happens to be a Verizon customer, then you are out of luck.  I can't even remember the last time I received copies of the local White Pages and Yellow Pages, which have not been published for years.  if the party whose number you want only has cell phone service, then getting their number is next to impossible.  Those free 800 directory assistance numberslike 800-FREE-411  are a complete waste of time from my experience, because most of them have not been updated for years, and besides, they do not list numbers for all carriers, only the major ones. Finding phone numbers for businesses and government agencies online is pretty easy, but not so for individuals.  Some web sites will only disclose a residential phone number for a fee,and the information may be out of date, because these sites are not updated regularly.







On 10/1/2022 4:03 PM, James Bentley wrote:

Hi all,


Here’s hoping that this is not too far off topic.  And, so far, Gene hasn’t killed any one yet.  Uhh.  As far as I know.


For years now, I have not been able to use Free Directory Assistance for phone numbers in my home town of Nacogdoches, Texas.  If you are wondering how to pronounce Nacogdoches, most screen readers get it right when it is spelled like this: Nacogdoechus.


I am calling 800.373.3411 which works reasonablely well with a well known city like Dallas or Houston.  But, for years now, it doesn’t recognize my home town.  This is quite a bummer since I need to be able to find numbers here in Nacogdoches.


I have tried spelling Nacogdoches.  I have tried using just the zip code.  No joy.


Any one have any ideas?


Damn, I miss the good old days when you got a really polite lady who was happy to do a little digging around foryou.


James B 



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