Re: Need reccomendationon door bell intercome

Mika Pyyhkala

I just orderd and got a Ring doorbell, and hoping to get it installed
in the next few days.

I was also considering:

Google Nest Hello:
Don't like the idea migrating all to the Google Home app, and I've had
some glitches trying to save clips from a Google Nest Hub Max but it
might be because I'm in a beta.

Apple Home Kit Doorbell:
There are also home kit door bells from Belkin Wemo and Logitek.
However, you can only view the footage and clips from Apple devices.

I am hoping with the Ring since it has a web view say for instance I
could call Aira and have them view the historical clips with me.

I'm really excited to start playing around with the ring!


On 10/6/22, Loy <loyrg2845@...> wrote:
HI all,
I would like to get a door bell such as ring or some other one that I can
talk to who ever comes to door before I open the door. Could you reccoment
one? I can't see so don't especially need camera.

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