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No problem. That is the best information I was in for. If you have any ideas for me to help Selena, my friend with the new pc.

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Hi Beth,
Narrator can be used as soon as the computer finishes booting. Just press
WindowsKey+U. You can then use Narrator to install another screen reader or
other software.
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Hello, Carlos and the gang, I want to tell you all that holidays are a
stressful time for everybody. I'd like to add that All Recipes (my
favorite recipe site) now has been revamped! You can connect Facebook to
your existing account, and when I did this, boom! All of my recipe "box"
showed up in my favorites thing. When baking or looking at things to bake
this holiday, I would recommend use of a browser so much more than the
apps themselves due to accessibility across platforms and such, but I LOVE
the recipe ideas. Speaking of the devil, I'm starting to get super hungry.
Another holiday thing I'd like to address is a big favor for a friend who
just got a brand new laptop. I'd like to walk her through the steps, so if
any of you, Carlos or anybody has the how to knowledge to write things in
a step by step thing, please feel free to do so and I'll be helping my
friend on Saturday after Christmas. She will probbably use Windows 10! So
I just want to know all the details, including if Narrator can be used to
set things up in the initial phase. She and I will probably work together
to get that done. When can narrator be used?
Thank you all in advance and have a safe and happy Christmas, whatever
holiday you celebrate.

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Just wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays. Which ever ones you happen
to celebrate.

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