Re: iphone keyboard recommendations?

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Mr. DaShiel, I don't have a Motorola toy to experiment with. In general,
I'm A FANCHILD of the Samsung flock. However, now that the company NO
LONGER includes SD CARD SLOTS in its product offerings, I'm trying to FIND A
NEW DAD in the block.

I think that my set up should work on the Pixel, Pogo, LG which NO LONGER
MAKES ANDROID TOYS, Nokia, Huawei NOT PURCHASABLE in these United States,
etc. I'm surprised to learn that Motorola went down a different path!

As I said, I use an OTG USB-C male connector to a USB-A-A female connector
and just plug my wireless keyboard USB male dongle into the female connector
and I can type on my keyboard all day long unperturbed. Aside from the fact
that my MK270 uses two AAA batteries, it DOES NOT REQUIRE any extra power
supply. I can SIT AT MY DINING TABLE, leave my toy somewhere in my room or
office work space, and, using a bluetooth headset, type away forever and
read what I have typed. Likewise, I can connect a corded USB regular
computer keyboard using the OTG ADAPTOR described and type away. I don't
use this method too often 'cause it does require some tendering, meaning
that I have to be CLOSE TO WHERE MY TOY is! I favour wireless anything
'cause I'm a lazy brat child.

Denver, Colorado


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