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Byron Stephens

They are deffinitly. I still have two xp machines here, one of them is my broadcast machine.

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Hi Veronica

If Jaws was set up on it before, it should start up rite away.  If there is no voice after a minute or so, I would try the hot key, control alt j.  Good luck and I hope it works.  Au the days of xp were very fine in deed.



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Subject: [TechTalk] Checking out a windows XP computer


Hello to all,


I have a windows XP computer that I would like to check whether it is still in working condition or not.  If I just have it plugged in for power and my keyboard connected without any internet, would there be any keys that I would need to press for Jaws to start speaking?  Would bringing up the task manager help at all?  Thanks for any suggestions.


Veronica from Texas


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