HDs, fill to capacity?

Walter Ramage

Hi guys.  A few years back I heard on one of the tech lists of the day that one should not fill an external hard drive to capacity.  Actually, I never have done so except for a couple of pen drives but my large externals have always been replaced with a higher capacity drive before I got near to capacity.  This will of course continue, I now need to get a couple of 8tb drives but I always wondered just why that person said that?  As I said, I've only filled my pen drives to capacity now and then but they have performed flawlessly despite being filled.  So, not to fill a Hard drive to capacity; is that true?  If so what possible problems might doing so  cause?  On the other hand, was that just that one persons personal opinion and not to fill a drive, is it just an urban myth? AS I have said, I am about in the next week or so going to purchase another couple of 8tb drives but I was just curious and while I remembered, thought I would ask.  Walter.

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