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Hi There,
Would converting to MP4 be any good?

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On 27 Dec 2015, at 12:51 pm, Luke Scholey <lukescholey@...> wrote:

I have had a look at this myself, and have found that there is no file extension that iTunes will support if the file is an audio file. The thing is, to change the extension into a movie or video extension the file needs an image, and as you say, The movies you download are just audio.
Apologies, but I don't think what you are trying to achieve can be done. Please, however, let me know if anybody else can find a way to achieve what you are trying to do as it would be quite useful to have these movies on the iPhone.

On 26 Dec 2015, at 20:24, Matt <matt.from.florida@...> wrote:

Yes I know that!




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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] movies from blind mice Mart and iPhone


There is no video with these files but only the sound track.




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Subject: [TechTalk] movies from blind mice Mart and iPhone


Well, got some movies from the Blind Mice Mart movie vault. Now these is describe movies and they don’t have any video to them they just have the audio rip from them and then a person describing what is going on in the movie.

So the movies is in MP3 format. So the problem is I cannot get them to show up as movies in iTunes.

When I  add say one to iTunes and then go to music as that is where it is going to show up by default. Then I go to the file under music and I in my case is using windows but don’t know that matters here I think the process is the same. After I go to the file and use my app key on it and choose get info. Then go to the option tab under the get info box and where it says media kind and this is a combo box and I go into it I have several choices. Podcast, music, audio book and itunesU . Nothing to change the media kind to movie or video.

I think this is because it is a MP3 file.

So my question is how and what format do I need to change to in order for this file to be able to show up as a movie in that list or show up as a movie? So it will show up in movies instead of music or podcast or audio books ? Any help will be appreciated !







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