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personally, I like the Icom homebase scanners, such as the IC-R8500, IC-R9000, and IC-R9500 especially. they seem to do just about everything one could want, and can also have a voice board fitted, to read out the frequency, which is great for when one finds something interesting, as one can actually know where to find it again.
they are at the expensive end of the range however, especially the 9500.
where are you?
if you are in the UK, I can easily tell you where these can be found, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you are not, so thought I would ask first.

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From: Walt Smith
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Subject: [TechTalk] Looking for blind-friendly scanner recommendations

I've been looking at information on various scanners (mostly Uniden models) and am pretty much confused and feeling like I don't have the information I really need. I know that I don't want a hand-held model and I don't want one that uses touch screen technology, so what's left? Based on your personal use and experience, what's a really good, blind-friendly TrunkTracker scanner? I do know that in addition to all the basics, I want S.A.M.E. weather alert and I'm not wedded to Uniden as a manufacturer, but if you do recommend another brand, please include information on where to buy. Just to show my low level of understanding, what's the difference between analog and digital models? Thanks for any/all feedback and suggestions.
Walt Smith - Clearwater, FL

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