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I agree with statements that if you are running 8/8.1, there are fewer
reasons not to upgrade. The Windows 10 core is based on Windows 8 so
Windows 10 is essentially an updated version of Windows 8. Not taking into
account the privacy concerns, it basically just adds features to what you
already have including a Start menu. One of the things which made 8 less
popular was the lack of a Start menu. Upgrading from 8 to 10 is probably
less of a transition than upgrading from 7 to 10.

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Does windows ten work like seven I have not done
that one as yet either but need to soon just hope
I can learn it do not have any help from any one
that is blind as I am.. DonnaAt 09:28 AM 12/29/2015, you wrote:
Why would it be better to upgrade to windows ten if I have windows eight?
That is what I currently have is windows eight.
Also, wonâ?Tt microsoft make you update to windows ten in January?
And thanks to everyone for all the helpful and kind responses.

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Well, you have a year from the time it came out to do it. So still have
plenty of time. That is to get it free.
Now I personally think if you are running W8 version then it is a no
brainer to update.
Now if you are running W7 I would say it is a choice but like I say there
is no big hurry as of now.
I also think if you want to go ahead and play around with it is to do a
dual boot and have both W7 and W10 your PC.
I would not dual boot with W8 I would just upgrade to w10 myself! JMT!


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Subject: [TechTalk] Nervous about upgrading to windows ten

Hi, everyone,
Iâ?Tve heard a lot of good things about windows ten, but Iâ?Tve also heard
that the accessibility leaves a lot to be desired. What is everyoneâ?Ts
opinions, should I upgrade now, or wait until later. And if I do upgrade
now, are there things I need to know right away to begin using windows ten?
If I do wait until later, might anyone have a suggestion as to how long to
Or am I being too cautious about this whole thing? Thank you for all
responses. I really appreciate it very much.

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