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what i do is install hp driver and also read the manual.
there is a default ip.
so u connect to the computer via usb type that ip in a browser like
for example or something.
and then it opens a html page and in that u need to put the routers ip
in the gateway address and in the device ip u need to put in a ip
which doesnt overlap with another device othervice it will create an
ip conflict.
and u will have to put in the name of the wifi the incription type and password.

On 12/30/15, Thomas N. Chan <> wrote:
In most cases, to make a wireless printer to get onto a wireless network,
you need to wire it first.
You can either use it through a NIC cable if the new printer have it or a
USB from your computer to it.
Load the driver or CD software, which will help to detect the printer. Once
the computer have found it, that's where you can set it up for wireless
That's where you can ask the printer to find the wireless network, load
info like wireless network encryption and password etc. once it got itself
onto the network, you can either share the printer out from the first
computer you set it up or load the driver one by one on those computer
connected to the same network subnet.

As for the software from HP, generally, its workable. You just need to
mouse around or jaws cursor around. You can do it with NVDA but I don't
how to use that similar function like the other two screen reader.

If you are still not sure, ask a pair of working eyes with the software
either through physically there or through teamviewer.

I done with printer brand like HP, canon and brother so far. Wireless ones,
the concept it's the same. You can do it through wireless only but that
model of HP and epson allows you to key in the wireless info through the
device itself but hey, it does not talk or some sort of tts. Beside that,
it's a no talking touch screen interface.

Thomas N. Chan
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This is my first wireless printer. How do you generally get the thing on
the network to be seen by the router? How do you put in wifi passwords
and stuff like that?
This is a HP e-all-in-one-printer Deskjet 3056A, if it helps.

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