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Aman Singer


I know of no accessible fax machine, but why not use one of
the ton of internet fax services
(note, their free service is limited, you can buy pages and avoid those
Obviously, you can use a fax modem with fax software, I haven't done this in
many years so am unaware of any accessible products. Again, though, internet
fax is cheaper for small numbers of faxes, you can get your faxes in image
format already (no need to scan), and you can use it from anywhere with an
internet connection. If you do find an accessible physical fax, I would be
interested in hearing about it for curiosity's sake.

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Yes me too.. DonnaAt 01:25 PM 12/29/2015, you wrote:
looking for accessible fax machine. something very simple and must have
buttons. I don't know if they make one with voice to it or not.


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