Re: Help with Miranda IM, please


Try this.
I can't help with configuring though, as i never could get it working here.

On 12/30/2015 9:33 PM, Desiree Oudinot wrote:
I'm looking for a relatively new version of Miranda that will work on Windows 10. The version I have is several years old, and is causing me a lot of problems. I need it so that I can connect to AIM, because, for some unidentifiable reason, the actual AIM program stopped working on my computer today.

If there's a newer version that's preconfigured to work with screen readers, that would be even better, as I hear that doing this yourself is a very tedious and frustrating task. Although if there are instructions somewhere that I could follow if no new preconfigured version exists, I would be happy to get those, too.

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