Re: is any1 planning to make win10 pe talking installer?


Hmm, I hope so, but again we shall see.

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I think this would be awesome, and most of the drivers in 7 should work in 10.

On 12/31/15, Austin Pinto <> wrote:
hi Carlos.
u dont need driver packs for 8.1 and 10.
what i have seen is 99% of the drivers that work in 7 work in 10.
i am still using a xp driver on windows 10 on my old netbook which is
just kept at my holiday home

On 12/30/15, Carlos <> wrote:
So, I found a Win10PE project which uses the older more accessible
of WinBuilder. I think I may have also figured out how to make the
bootable in both UEFI and BIOS modes, but we shall see. I may give this
try, but no guarantee as to when and I still have no driver packs so
support may wind up being limited to USB and Realtek devices as I said

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