outlook express and account passwords

Troy Burnham

I have both my road runner mail and my gmail downloading into outlook express, this is OE for windows 7 btw, and since last weekend when I was having trouble with my gmail I've been having to enter the password for both my road runner and gmail accounts every time I open OE to check e-mail.  I've made sure that the save password box is checked for both accounts, and thinking that the boxes were reversed and checked meant it was unchecked and vise versa I unchecked both boxes and that didn't fix the problem, and since the default is checked I unchecked and then immediately rechecked the boxes before okaying it and that didn't work.  Any other ideas?
Btw if anybody has a copy of OE for windows 7 that is one of the free versions I'd appreciate getting a copy, last week when I started having the gmail problem I was going to try to reinstall OE over the top of itself to see if I could get it to start giving all of my messages again, but when I tried to do that Abast popped up and told me there was a problem with the file and it evidently automatically got rid of it because I don't have it anymore.
Thanks in advance for any help with these matters.
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