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Hi Ann (and All),

Well, in fairness, Muslims don't *celebrate* Ramadan, which is around a month of fasting during daylight hours. So, it's more like what the Christian season of Lent was in olden days. (But they do mark the definitive end of their fast with a festival of thanks and celebration.)

Meanwhile, the New Year beckons in a few hours. Happy computing 2016 all!

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Hi all,

Yes, Christmas has twelve days, from December 25 to January 6. I
figure if Muslims can celebrate Ramadan for a month, and Jews can
celebrate both Chanukah and Passover for a week, then I'm entitled to
celebrate Christmas for twelve days. C'mon, folks, stand up for your
rights. Victor's correct, the liturgical calendar says Christmas lasts
twelve days, and that does not have anything to do with stores that
insist that Christmas starts on October first. Idiots!

Ann P.

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