new eye phone 6 user with a few questions after updating.

Mich Verrier

hello all. yesterday i updated from my eye phone 4s to a eye phone 6 16 gb. i was able to install alex and got the people at the stor to ristor my phone from my eye clowd backup. the only ishu i seem to have is that i am no longer getting notifications on my phone on the lock screen or anywair elts it seems. now i have not checked the nodification senter but i mostley would have my phone give me notifications on the lock screen. now i have gone in to notifications on my phone and have them set to alerts and not banners. some of these were set to banners and not alerts. now i do have the badges on them set to on so should i turn off these? since for instince the braking news app every time there was braking news i would get a alert on my phone there would be a noise and then vo would read to me what the braking news was or what ever the notification is. now i am not getting this since doing the update. many thanks for any help any one can give me regarding this. from Mich.

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