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Flor Lynch

Sorry. That's the 26th of December, and it's called Boxing Day. (If you visit Canada or the UK around that time, you'll need to know that.)

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From: Carolyn Arnold
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Also it has been called Boxer Day too.

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No, January 6th. (That's the feast of the Three Wise Men, or the Three
Kings, or the Epiphany, or Women's Christmas, or Little Christmas;
depending on where, who, and what, you are! Christmas, despite
commercializaation, at heart isn't a secular or non-Christian festival.
Sunday doesn't count as a normal day etc., etc. There are
English-speaking people from all over the World on this and other similar
lists. (People in many other countries ton't take down their Christmas
decorations until about the 7th of January.)

Of course, technology itself in no way observes such traditions. But
often the people behind it do.

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From: Pamela Dominguez
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That would still only be through January fifth. I just counted twice.

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From: Ann Parsons
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Hi all,

Yes, Christmas has twelve days, from December 25 to January 6. I figure
if Muslims can celebrate Ramadan for a month, and Jews can celebrate both
Chanukah and Passover for a week, then I'm entitled to
celebrate Christmas for twelve days. C'mon, folks, stand up for your
rights. Victor's correct, the liturgical calendar says Christmas lasts
twelve days, and that does not have anything to do with stores that
insist that Christmas starts on October first. Idiots!

Ann P.

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