Re: NVDA and Windows 10?

Quentin Christensen

Hi Teresa,

NVDA themselves are recommending most users not upgrade to Windows 10 yet:

However most things work quite well with NVDA, and I used it while writing my book, "Making Windows 10 Easy to See".

The main things which are still an issue are:
- Microsoft Edge, the new browser to replace Internet Explorer. If using NVDA, Firefox works well, or Internet Explorer actually is still included in Windows 10
- Some keyboard navigation, particularly in the Action Center (where you get notifications and alerts)
- Some of the new universal windows apps

Getting around the Start menu, desktop, taskbar and other programs works quite well.



On 4/09/2015 12:55 AM, Teresa wrote:

Hi, guys. I'm still working my way around this site interface, so I haven't had a chance to search in the message archives for this one. I mostly use my iPod, but sometimes use my husband's Windows computer, which he is going to upgrade to Win10. HOW well does the new release of NVDA work with it?



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