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Hello Bill,
Thanks, I couldn't find it, either. Glad I'm not lonely, although, mine still knows the weather, if I ask, never the less.

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From: Bill Koppelmann <>
Date: Sunday, January 3, 2016 11:36 pm
Subject: [TechTalk] locations in settings

hi Flor,
You said . .
Have you double-tapped the "Edit Cities" button, and then typed in your
city or nearest town? That tells the Weather app the locN you're
interested in knowing about. (You'll find this button towards the
bottom of the page or screen.) Then you can input more cities if you're
I looked around in locations and didn't find it there and I looked some
in weather and was unable to find it there either, can you tell me a
bit more where I need to go to edit my city? I live in St. Louis, so
I'd suspect that STL would be in the list of cities that it has, right?
Bill K.

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