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Carolyn, I have a podcast done for the Haven if you wish number it will be below for you keep in mind coming you will have to be available in the states to hear this or have coming to the states to head this
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If you give a pod cast for the Haven, please let us know. I like my
Haven, but probably could learn more.

Bye for now,


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Yes and if on Verizon there is the Samsung Haven which is an older phone
a flip phone but is very accessible and I can give a podcast to it if

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There are phones you can buy from T Mobile that have buttons.  I have
one.  I don't know how many of them are accessible, but mine is.  

I am not recommending my phone, but if you want to hear a demonstration
of my phone to get an idea of what features you might find and how they
might function, you can download my demonstration.  I did it for
Accessible World.

There is another presentation by someone else in the same file but mine
is there.


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Hi!  I may have to replace my cellphone.  I am on TMobile.  I do not want
to get an iPhone or an android phone.  Is there any phone I could get
that has buttons and that would work with TMobile?  A friend of mine said
she went to a TMobile store, and all she could find were flat screen
phones.  I hope somebody has some ideas.  Thanks.  Pam.

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