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Ok question when installing a new drive like this SSD . You have the old drive hooked up and in my case both W7 and W10 on it. So how would you install W7 and W10 on the new drive and it installed on the old drive? Now W10 Is easy just format and get rid of that partition. But W7 what about it? Don’t think I can format that partition and get rid of W7 while it is active and on that drive.  Cannot or would not be able to install it on the new drive till I got rid of it on the old drive? So trying to figure this out if I decided to add SSD to my computer and use my Old drive for just storage?



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The link was in the message, but here it is again just in case.

I bought the 256 GB model which was $119.89 with free shipping, but it is available in different sizes from 128 GB up to 2 TB.

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What SSD did you get? You have a link to it and with the specs on it? If you don’t mind me asking how much did this put you back?




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Subject: [TechTalk] New Solid State Drive


So for anyone who cares, I finally purchased and installed my new SSD last night.

The installation didn't go nearly as smoothly as I was hoping which is an understatement, but I finally got it all sorted out.  Although I suspect the problems were on my end and nothing to do with the drive itself.  Some time in the next couple of days, I will tackle installing Windows 10 in a dual boot configuration which should be a piece of cake in comparison I say knocking on wood.  Hopefully this will allow me to provide more first-hand assistance with Windows 10 related issues.  I installed 10 for a while last year shortly after it was officially released to experiment, but certain things did not work reliably for me so I couldn't justify running it full time.

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