A Rumola-related request

Walt Smith

I've been totally unable to get Rumola to work in IE 11 and I'm making a
last-gasp request to someone on the list who has a working Rumola link on
their Favorites Bar. Since Windows generally won't allow you to send a link
as an attachment, would someone with a link that works in IE please do the

1. Open your Favorites folder;
2. Locate and open the Favorites Bar folder that's inside the Favorites
3. Edit the Rumola URL file;
4. Send me the contents of that file either online or in a private note to
the address below.

I want to find out whether or not something in my setup is hosing things
every time I save the button to the Favorites Bar and causing the wrong URL
to be captured and placed into the link file. Right now, the only URLs in
*my* link file are https://www.skipinput.com and this is nothing more than
the Rumola web site main page. I am totally unable to get the expected
prompt to purchase credits when using the so-called "Bookmarklet" option
from the Rumola web page, which is the sole way of getting Rumola to work
with IE. For those who might ask, I've already looked at the web page source
and don't see anything helpful there that I might copy. Thanks in advance.

Walt Smith - Clearwater, FL

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