Re: A Rumola-related request


Hi Walt,
Sorry about that. I would have mentioned the highlight issue sooner, but I answer so many questions on the list that sometimes details slip my mind.

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Carlos -

I really wish that someone had mentioned this to me a couple of days ago. I
had an off-list message from Matt; who's been extremely patient and helpful
through all this trauma; and when I went to the header and then used the Tab
Key instead of arrowing down and after I went to the CAPTCHA sample page and
tried it , the whole process worked perfectly. Sheesh!

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How are you highlighting the link to the bookmarklet? At least with JAWS,
sometimes using the Arrow keys does not correctly highlight a link so that
when you select
"Add to favorites..."
from the context menu, the main page is being added to the favorites bar
instead of the bookmarklet. Try highlighting the link with the Tab key
instead. I hesitate to share the contents of the bookmarklet since I have
been trying to figure out how it identifies a user. I have come to the
conclusion that it is probably not a cookie since I restored my system from
an image which was created before I ordered credits and it is somehow still
able to identify me. I have my favorites on a separate drive so they are
not affected when I restore from an image. So my thought is that the
bookmarklet file may contain unique ID strings which identify the user.
When I view it's contents, there are some cryptic strings which may or may
not serve this purpose.

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