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Monte Single

I have never used one myself, but I have been with my sister in Vancouver, Canada, when she used these scanners.  There seemed to be problems when checking out  fruits, vegetables and other items without a barcode stamped on them.


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Subject: [TechTalk] Self scan


Hi folks.  I did a huge grocery shop on Friday and as a result of the amount of stuff I used a normal checkout rather than the self scan isle.  My personal assistant Anne normally uses the self scan but it got me thinking?  are these things accessible?  I don't hear feedback except for the blip when an item is scanned but as these self scan machines are becoming more and more numerous over here and I can see that self scan eventually will eliminate regular checkouts I wondered if there was some way a totally blind person could use them, either via a smart phone app or by using an ear piece or head set.  I guess this is as much an accessibility issue as much as a tech issue but I'm interested in any tech solutions to this problem.  Any ideas?  Walter.

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