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Hmm, most of them around here any how they talk and say the item and how much it is and then say scan next item.  I don’t live nowhere near a big city either  the largest place to me is Tallahassee Florida and it is 40 miles and then the small town of Quincy Florida which is 10 miles or so from me. But I guess it depends on the store.  I have been thru some of them but not by myself. As I lucky enough not to have to go shopping by myself so far.





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I have never used one myself, but I have been with my sister in Vancouver, Canada, when she used these scanners.  There seemed to be problems when checking out  fruits, vegetables and other items without a barcode stamped on them.


Good luck




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Hi folks.  I did a huge grocery shop on Friday and as a result of the amount of stuff I used a normal checkout rather than the self scan isle.  My personal assistant Anne normally uses the self scan but it got me thinking?  are these things accessible?  I don't hear feedback except for the blip when an item is scanned but as these self scan machines are becoming more and more numerous over here and I can see that self scan eventually will eliminate regular checkouts I wondered if there was some way a totally blind person could use them, either via a smart phone app or by using an ear piece or head set.  I guess this is as much an accessibility issue as much as a tech issue but I'm interested in any tech solutions to this problem.  Any ideas?  Walter.

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