Windows 10 automatic driver updates #article


I have been having a problem with 10 repeatedly updating my Realtek audio drivers from the generic ones used by Windows.  Unfortunately, the Realtek manufacturer provided drivers for Windows 10 cause horribly distorted sound.  This is only one example, but based on some Google searches quite a few other users of Windows 10 have been experiencing problems with device drivers which automatically and repeatedly update.  If anyone else has experienced a similar issue, you can try reading through this article
for possible solutions.  I was already aware of some of the suggested solutions and I have now tried all of them except for the Local Group Policy Editor.  I am leaving that one as a last resort and I am still waiting to see if hiding the update using the Show or Hide Updates Troubleshooter resolves the issue.  Short of these two possibilities, none of the other solutions have worked including the standard Windows settings which are supposed to prevent driver updates.  In either case, it is ridiculous that you should have to jump through hoops just to disable a driver update.  The forced updates policy has already caused problems.  Extending this policy to driver updates is a nightmare waiting to happen.  I feel sorry for any average user who might stumble across this nonsense.

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