Re: VR Stream Second Generation: I May be Ready To Buy But...

Monte Single

Hi Ron,
I just talked with customer service at humanware in Quebec. The price quoted
to you is in USD. There is no break given for the higher value of the
USD. That sucks....

What is the current price for the plextalk pocket?

I had an extended demo of it a while ago.
I think that the victor and the pocket are very close in features. I
actually like the feel of the pocket better but I knew the controls of the
victor that I stuck with that line.

If you can find a pocket for real less money, that may be a consideration.
But if the difference in price is only ten or fifteen bucks, I'd go with the
stream... after all, I expect the device should be good for at least 5


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From: Ron Canazzi [mailto:aa2vm@...]
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Hi Monty,

Humanware itself quoted me a US price of $394 which includes tax and
shipping. I wonder if they're taking the US dollar at Canadian par???
If that's true, it's wrong in my opinion.

On 1/13/2016 1:35 AM, Monte Single wrote:
Have you checked out the current price of the 2nd gen stream. With the
Canadian dollar worth only 70 cents USDyu may find the price quite

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Ron -

I haven't seen any particular problems with time-related issues on the VR
Stream list, but the biggest complaint; one that I share very strongly; is
that Humanware doesn't seem to listen to their users very well. There are
issues that have been reported to them over several firmware releases that
have never been addressed as far as any of us can tell and we're frankly
getting frustrated. Having said this, though, I would strongly encourage
to go ahead and spring for the new Stream -- it's a fabulous piece of
equipment and about the only reading/listening device that I use any more.

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From: Ron Canazzi [mailto:aa2vm@...]
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 4:51 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] VR Stream Second Generation: I May be Ready To Buy

Hi Group,

I have heard for a while now about the VR Stream Second Generation. It
sounds like a nifty little piece of hardware. By the stroke of luck and
my 2 or 3 part time no where dead end jobs, I have been able to save up
about 400 dollars US discretionary income to make the purchase. I have
heard a lot of good things about the stream. I am a bit concerned about
one thing: the servicing and technical assistance. It's not because the
people at Humanware aren't nice and cooperative, but my biggest concern
is that the home base for the company is in Canada. I have had had
experiences with service issues with Canadian companies. Principally,
the mail across boarders seems to take for ever with delivery and
returns. That is to say, with one ham radio company from Toronto--a
mere 90 miles or so away from where I live near Buffalo, NY, it took 3
months for one item to be serviced and returned.

So my question is: what type of experiences has anyone had concerning
services for Humanware products? I am interested particularly in folks
living in the USA who have had service issues.

Thanks for any input.

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