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No, I was trying to think about this and I don't have the problem either. Sometimes I find JFW slow to respond when clicking on a link, but it did it with sixteen as well. I find it to be better with System Access or NVDA, if I can find a voice I like with NVDA. SpeakEasy is so responsive, but the accent is so sharp I can't understand it. Perhaps if I slow down the speed and raise it gradually, that might help. Any thoughts are welcome. Maybe I should change the Subject line; I didn't know I was gonna mention the voices. (smile)

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Hmm, don't have any problem with IE11 and using JFW17 latest build as my main screen reader and NVDA as a backup. Maybe it is a WE thing. Also running W7 and w10 64 bit.


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i had to upgrade from ie 8 due to lack of support. using latest window eyes, win 7 64 bit. my biggest gripe is many times when you go to web sites. the pointer lands outside the main window. you have to do a bit of tabbing to get back into the window, so you can use the find feature.
if you try to use find, when you are not in the main window w/e will crash. one place too watch out for is at google mail when you are creating a filter. when you click on next step, you usually land out side the window, and sometimes browse mode turns off by itself. so i hit find and search for the word skip, to check the box to skip the inbox w/e crashes, so you have to be very carefull, and don't take things for granted like in IE 8

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