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Using Jaws, I do the Windows key plus the letter M to put focus on the desktop. Then press the Windows key alone and Jaws will say "Start Screen" At that point just begin typing in your search term, such as the name of the file you wish to locate and a list of results will come up. Use the arrow key to go through the list to see if you find your file or folder. I have had great luck with it and my main disappointment with Windows 10 is that the search field does not work as good as the one in 8.1, in my opinion. I liked the search option in 8.1 so much I don't miss the start menu at all. when you start typing your search, it just automatically opens the search edit box which is where you land when you press the Start menu button in Win 7. I just hope I will like Windows 10 as much as I like 8.1.
I have just begun with NVDA but assume it would work the same or similar to jaws.

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Hi Marie,
I thought that I was probably the oldest poster here on the group, and
I sure wasn't correct on that one. I'm just one year younger than you are.
If I may ask, just how do you access the start area with windows 8? My
understanding is that you can't do that, so I'd like to know just how
you deal with this.
many thanks,
Bill k.

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